Composting for Kid Garden

Composting for Kid Garden, Step by Step How to Build a Compost Pile with Kids

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Composting for Kid Garden


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~ if you have the space in your garden then try and create a composting space
~ Composting plant recycled waste is a very useful way of utilising waste products for nurturing the garden

Garden Composting
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Basic Composting Ideas:

~ Nature recycles leaves and plants
~ Fallen leaves and plant materials form a natural mulch
~ the mulch decomposes over time

~ the nutrients from the waste plants return back into the soils
~ the same principle is used in creating backyard Composting Piles in Kids Gadens and indeed any family garden
~ the created soil is wonderful for mulching into vegetable garden plots nourishing the soil

recycling and composting are activities kid gardeners of all ages can get involved in
Benefit of Composting
Making Compost helps reduce unecessary waste
Benefit of Composting Ideas
Composting Materials
Compost Ingredient :
suitable materials for composting are worms, leafs,manure and uncooked kitchen compost waste
Where to Put a Compost Pile Composting Organically
~ kids can recycle leaves, uncooked kitchen scraps and other plant materials that are available
~ Find a suitable spot in your kid garden on where to site your compost bin
~ ideally it should be not too far from the house and kitchen but not immediately be seen and spoil the garden view
~ Maybe a back corner or a screened of area, behind a greenhouse or in a quiet corner
~ If you have a water source nearby available that would help
  ~ a compost pile that is well constructed does not need any chemical starters

~ Composting organically reduces the harsh impact on the environment when articicial products are used

~ Kid Cooking is a good way to start introducing organic foods too,make kids aware of the added chemicals in bought food and let them grow their own food
What not to Compost
milk products
cooked food
diseased garden plants ( unless you have a very hot compost heap tha will kill off the disease)
pet droppings( some people do , some dont it is personal choice)
Making a Compost Bin
composting for kid garden

Homemade Compost Bins are an easy alternative to bought ones and make a good garden project for kid gardners of all ages to get involved in
How to Build a Compost Pile
composting for kid garden
~ an even mix of green plant materials and brown materials are needed to give the microorganisms responsible for breaking them down a good "feed"
~ a good air supply ans some added water will allow the compost pile to do its stuff
~ so Compost Ingredients for a sucessful Compost Pile are
Brown Materials ( leaves, thin bark pine needles, dead plant materials etc)
Green Plant Materials ( fresh grass clippings, weeds,green leaves etc)
add some kitchen scraps to the mix

~ It is easiest to build a compost pile in layers
1:kids can start by adding a layer of brown materials about 6 inches thick on the bottom of the compost heap ( or compost bin)
~ sprinkle with water

~ you need to add a source of Carbon the get the mix going
Carbon Content
Dried Leaves,Pine Needles,Newspaper ,Sawdust

2:Kids can next put a layer of green stuff on top ( grass clippings are usually available in family gardens)
~ Swoosh the layers raround a bit to add extra air
~ sprinkle with water
Nitrogen Content
Food and Kitchen Scraps,grass clippings,coffee grounds,horse manure

~ let kid gardeners add a thin layer of soil on top ( this contains the neede microorganisms to get the mix going
~ sprinkle with water

4: Keep adding more and more layers in the same manner until your composting bin is full - then let the microorganism do their stuff and watch them recycle all your waste into wonderful garden humus
Compost Gardening with Kids
~ composting for kid garden
Building a Sensory Garden for Kids, creating a recycling compost pile and indeed any Gardening with Kids is an exiting adventure,start simple with our gardening resources for kids
and you soon will have a happy little kid gardener too

~ Do you have a little kid garden space in your home ?
~ Have you ever tired composting with kids ?