How to Make a Pinecone Bird Feeder with Popcorn

How to Make a Pinecone Bird Feeder with Popcorn for Kid Gardening Activities

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How to Make a Pinecone Bird Feeder with Popcorn


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Bird Feeder

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~ an Easy to Make Bird Feeder encourages little kid gardeners to be responsible for attracting birds into their backyard wildlife habitat

Make your own Bird Feeder using Pinecones
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Make a Popcorn Pinceone Feeder
How to Make a Pinceone Bird Feeder with Cooking Fat
~ a popcorn pinecone feeder is a great garden craft to make with younger kid gardeners
~ children and even toddlers enjoy making this bird feeder

What you need to make popcorn bird feeder

~ popping corn
~ large pine cone
~ piece of strong string

How to make Pine Cone Birdfeeder with Popcorns

~ put the string around the base of the pinecone and tie securely
~ make some fresh popping corn or use store bough popcorn
( to make popcorn simple add popping corn into a hot saucepan with a tiny amount of oil and add a lid, het until you hear the corn pod, taking care not to burn the popcorn)
~ use the popcrn to stuff the caveties of the pinecone
~ stuff it in quiet hard so it does not fall out
~ when the pincone bird feeder is all filled up hand it outside in your backyeard garden
~ in a small kid garden you may have a hook from the wall on which to hang the birdfeeder or a sutiable tree
~ To make a bird feeder with plenty of fat for birds to store yup on try to make a pincone bird feeder with sute or animal fat

~ find instructions on How to Make a pine cone bird feeder here

you can make several of these in one go and store them for feeding the birds in your kids backyard wildlife habitat over the winter months

~ Maya loves watching our bird feeding station from the kitchen window and observing all the different species that come to feed
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~ Creating a Wildlife Refuge for your local garden animals, insects, butterflies, birds and bees takes only a few easy steps and is very rewarding for any little kid gardener

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~ Whats your favourite kid activity in the garden ?